Orthodontics in Euless

H-E-B Family Dentistry offers many teeth-straightening solutions. You can choose the option that works best for your lifestyle and budget. These orthodontic treatments can get you a more attractive smile, fix your bite, close any gaps or spacing, and correct overlapping or crowding. We think improving your smile will also help improve your confidence, too!

Clear Aligner Therapy

Clear Aligner Therapy

Thanks to advancements in modern dentistry, braces aren’t the only option when you want to straighten your teeth. Clear aligner therapy is an orthodontic method that uses clear, removable aligners, rather than wires or brackets, to gently fix any issues. Custom, nearly invisible trays; no eating restrictions during treatment; and a straight smile as the end result—we think you’ll like aligner therapy!

  • Clear aligner trays are hardly noticeable
  • Smooth, personalized trays mean a more comfortable procedure
  • Removability makes it easy to maintain aligners and clean teeth
  • Fewer trips to the dentists than with traditional braces


ClearCorrect™ aligners are completely transparent, so you can still confidently show off your teeth even during treatment. You might be surprised to see how few people notice you’re even wearing aligners! Plus, ClearCorrect is an affordable choice compared to other orthodontic options.


Like ClearCorrect, Invisalign uses clear aligners that fit snugly on your teeth for a hardly detectable appearance. Invisalign is a popular choice for correcting misalignment, overcrowding, and spacing with both teens and adults.